Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone
Management Company

Investment Types

The Walvis Bay EPZ does not restrict investors to an industrial sector, as is typically found in similar zones. Investors are free to engage in any manufacturing and value addition processes of their choice, anywhere in Walvis Bay. The Walvis Bay EPZ is looking for investors to set up production plants in the following priority industries:
  • Textile and garment industries
  • Footware, bags & leather or imitation leather products
  • Manufacturing & assembling of electronic equipment
  • Processing industrial products, food stuff and beverages
  • Industrial plastic (without chemical materials)
  • Assembling or producing electrical household products

Whatever the choice, however, investors deserve to know that besides the unequalled EPZ package of incentives, Namibia also offers a vast base of unexploited raw materials and virgin investment areas. Since the establishment of the WBEPZMC, the following companies were granted EPZ licenses and are operating in the Walvis Bay zone. Companies already operational in the EPZ are involved in:
  • automotive parts for motor vehicles
  • assembly of vehicles
  • granite processing

Namibia Press & Tools International (NPT)
Wholly owned by EDAG Group of Germany. NPT manufactures engine parts for Audi, Volkswagen, Renault and Opel. Currently all its products are exported to Germany for distribution to clients worldwide. The company passed on skills and German know-how to a highly motivated Namibian staff.

Tel: +264-64-209500

Transvecho is involved in the importation of complete knocked down vehicle kits from China, assemble and refurbish by way of adding value to them for export. Their export market is mainly the non-SACU SADC member states.

Website: www.transvehco.com/
Email: philip.roux_[at]_transvehco.com
Tel: +264 64 202613 /4
Fax: +264 64 202617

Roach Investments
Roach Investments cuts and polished granite marble and other stone products for export purposes. High quality finnish marble is exported mainly to markets in the USA and Europe. Granite is mined outside Walvis Bay, and has been described has one of the most beautifully patterned granite in Africa. Africa Range’s products include (but are not limited to): Slabs for counter tops and vanities, Floor tiles, Landscaping products, Paving, Tumbled desert rock, Tumbled pebbles, Copings, Tombstone slabs, Various claddings, and other special designed products.

All carry the “100% natural” status and our impressive portfolio continues to grow with the addition of new spectacular materials discovered in new locations. Our company has surpassed its mission to supply top quality natural stone / granite and to embrace the growing “green movement” trend that ensures better quarrying practices and more responsible social & environmental responsibilities towards precious mother earth. A world class, modern facility strategically located at our quarries in Namibia ensures uninterrupted supply of Dimensional granite Blocks and polished granite Slabs using the latest modern equipment in excavations, manufacturing & processing.

Website: www.africarange.com
Email: jaco_[at]_africarange.com
Tel: +264 811 490 414.