Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone
Management Company

How to apply

Who can apply for EPZ status?
Any business that manufactures goods for export from Namibia may apply for an EPZ licence. EPZ status is granted by the Minister of Trade & Industry acting through either the Offshore Development Company (ODC) or and EPZ Management Company. EPZ status is granted in the form of an EPZ Certificate signed by the Minister of Trade & Industry, which states the terms and conditions under which the enterprise may operate as an EPZ status enterprise. To set up an enterprise in the Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone requires various licenses and permits in order to operate. The Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone Management Company (WBEPZMC) provides a "one-stop service" to investors to assist them with the complete formalities for the establishment of export processing zone investment projects. The following guidelines will help you set up your enterprises with ease, once you have obtained EPZ status:

1. Location
Your business can be located anywhere in the Walvis Bay Municipal Area, or you may locate within the Zone currently developed and serviced by WBEPZMC. The EPZ Management company will assist in identifing and acquiring the land and facilitate the provision of utility services, should you choose to locate outside the zone.

2. Enterprise Certificate
The next step is to obtain an Export Processing Zone Enterprise Certificate from the Minister of Trade and Industry. Complete the required application form for the EPZ Enterprise Certificate and submit it with the required attachments to the EPZ Management Company. The WBEPZMC will notify you of the status of your applications for EPZ Enterprise Certificate within 28 working days.

3. Application for Services
When applying for water and electricty utilities, you need to provide your estimated consumption per year in m3 for water and the peak loads in kWh for electricity. The WBEPZMC will also assist in the application for telephony and other communication services.

4. Work & Residence Permits
All foreign employees of Export Processing Zones require work permits. Applications for these work permits should be submitted to the WBEPZMC at least 2 months prior to the intended date of employment. Any such applicant must complete and submit the following forms:
  • Application form 3 -1/0001
  • Copy of educational and or training certificate
  • EPZ certificate / certificate of services
  • Clean medical certificate (form 3-1/0003)
  • Clean radiological report (form 3-1/0004)
  • Clean police certificate from country of origin
  • Deed of surety (form 3-1/0005)
  • Work permits shall not exceed 24 months in duration, will not be transferable and the fees not refundable.

5. Health & Safety Requirements
All EPZ enterprises must comply with the health, safety and environmental requirements of Namibia. EPZ investors should comply with the Factory, Offices and Shops Act on health, safety and other standard requirements and environmental regulations, standards, procedures and requirements of the Walvis Bay Municipality Authority. The WBEPZMC shall register EPZ enterprises with the Walvis Bay Municipal Authority and the Controller of Customs and Excise. EPZ enterprises are required to permit periodic checks by representatives/officials of the Walvis Bay Municipal Authority.

6. Construction Requirements
EPZ Building plans must conform to the Walvis Bay Municipality Planning Regulations with adequate provision to guarantee proper control by customs authorities of goods entering or leaving the premises of the EPZ enterprise. To enable prospective investors to meet construction requirements, the WBEPZMC is able to recommend Architects/ Consulting Engineers/ Building Contractors of good standing for consideration by applicants.

All EPZ investors, representatives and employees must secure entry visa to Namibia. Procedures / Requirements Entry permit may be obtained from a Namibia Embassy or High Commission abroad. A temporary entry permit may be obtained at a point of entry in Namibia. Nationals of countries listed below do not require entry visas into Namibia:

AngolaMalaysia AustraliaMalawi AustriaMozambique BelgiumNew Zealand BotswanaNetherlands BrazilNorway CanadaPortugal CubaRussian Federation DenmarkFinland FranceSouth Africa GermanySingapore Hong KongSpain IcelandSwaziland IrelandSweden ItalySwitzerland JapanTanzania KenyaUnited Kingdom LesothoUnited State of America LiechtensteinZambia LuxembourgZimbabwe