Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone
Management Company

Advantages and Incentives

The Walvis Bay EPZ provides a politically stable, virtually crime-free environment, reliable work-force and lower production costs. Its incentives are of unlimited duration and apply equally to Namibian and foreign firms. The most attractive and lucractive aspect of the EPZ is the tax-free and low overhead incentives it provides to investors. Companies are allowed to repatriate their capital and profits, while enjoying freedom from exchange controls and the holding of foreign currency accounts at local banks. The labour force is young, reliable, trainable and in abundance. Walvis Bay has banking and insurance facilities to cater for the needs of international investors.

The banking system of Namibia is highly developed and thus capable of providing fast and efficient services world wide.An enterprise with EPZ status does not:
  • pay corporate tax
  • pay import duties on imported inputs
  • pay VAT, stamp duties or transfer duties
  • have to lodge a bond with Customs & Excise in respect of manufacturing equipment to be used in the EPZ activities
With EPZ status, an investor enjoys the following advantages:
  • Preferential market access to the EU, USA and other markets due to Namibia's signatory to the Lome Convention and GSP
  • Access to the COMESA market of more than 300 million people
  • Access to non-SACU SADC member countries (Angola, DRC, Zambia, Tanzania, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique)

Market Access

Walvis Bay can be reached by road, rail, air and sea. There are daily flights from Windhoek and from many regional cities such as Johannnesburg and Cape Town; regular freight services to Europe and USA; a road network that extends to landlocked countries in the southern African region. The country boasts one of the most advanced telecommunication infrastructures in Africa, including an international exchange, ISDN broadband data and telephony facilites. Mobile phones function in most parts of Namibia including Walvis Bay.

Being favourably located close to the Port, there is a quick access to the quays where bulk cargo and containers are handled. Walvis Bay's strategic location reduces trans-shipment time, making it the cost effective choice. Surrounded by a unique and fascinating environment of ethereal dunes of the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert, the EPZ regime in Walvis Bay is a window to world trade and investment.

Terms and Conditions

One of the fundamental objectives of the Walvis Bay EPZ is to develop the Namibian economy. Although an investor with EPZ status is afforded a wide spectrum of freedoms the following criteria are used to determine approval of applications:
  • that the investor will employ Namibian labour, except where expertise knowledge is not available locally,
  • that the manufacturing operations of the business not be of harmful nature to the environment or human inhabitants
  • that the investor does not sell his/her product to the local Namibian and members states of the SACU trade agreement (South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho) market.