Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone
Management Company

Our Mandate

Walvis Bay EPZ Manager, Jan Kruger
Since the inception of the Walvis Bay EPZ Management Company in 1996, the idea of expanding the industrial base of Walvis Bay has rapidly gained momentum and the zone is growing fast into one of the world’s newest EPZ success stories. The achievements of the WBEPZMC in institutional and image building and the implementation of goals have marked an era for global trade.

The WBEPZMC’s key purpose is to market Walvis Bay as the safe destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a means of fast- tracking the industrialization programme of the Namibian government. Its mandate therefore is to:

  • Attain the status of a sought-after and safe destination for foreign and local investment;
  • Create a solid foundation for job creation and economic growth in Walvis Bay and
  • Diversify the industrial base of Walvis Bay

The attention of all stakeholders is focused on our customers (current and future investors), both domestic and external, so that:

  • Customer satisfaction and retention are our prime service considerations;
  • Teamwork be developed amongst all the stakeholders i.e. linked by a unity of purpose;
  • We actively promote the full utilization of local infrastructures by investors such as the Port of Walvis Bay and other service industries;
  • Partnership prevails as a way for building commitment by all stakeholders;
  • We set personal standards and business integrity so as to maintain international respect;
  • We work towards developing the highest quality and health standards as well as high productivity throughout the EPZ for continuous improvement and
  • We experiment with new marketing ideas, carry out research, develop innovative programs in order to make Walvis Bay EPZ" the newest EPZ Success Story".

Our Vision
The Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone Management Company strives to be a leading efficient and investor friendly company. It is committed to:

  • Make the Management Company the privileged vehicle for driving and funding the economic development and growth of Walvis Bay at the local level;
  • Competitiveness and professionalism
  • Adherence to principles of honesty, excellence and efficiency
  • Make the Management Company the driving force for empowerment in Namibia

Legal Framework of the WBEPZMC
The Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone Management Company (herein referred to as the Managing Authority) is a private limited company established in terms of the EPZ Act, of 1995 (Act No 9 of 1995). The Namibian government has established several EPZ Parks in various parts of the country but so far, only Walvis Bay has succeeded in establishing a Management Company that came into existence through a joint initiative of the Local Authority, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the local business community.

Given the tremendous and unreserved support the EPZ Management Company enjoys from the Municipality, investors are guaranteed of their investment in this pro-investment climate which is spearheaded by the current Mayor of Walvis Bay.